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Double Throw Type Residential ATS Rated Current 125Amp(TCS2P125)
The TCS2P125 is a brand new modularized design Automatic Transfer Switch, also known as ATS. With rated current of 125A and rated voltage of 110VAC or 220VAC single phase, or 3 phase to choose from. It is electrically and manually operated. This Automatic Transfer Switch is ideal for household and telecommunication cell site use. All plastic parts used on the ATS are made with UL 94V-0 plastic to comply with the highest safety standards.

Patent Number: U.S. Pat. No. 7,557,683

* Modular design for installation next to switch or on the door
* Electrically or Manually Operated, Mechanically Held Contacts
* Adjustable Time Delay on Neutral
* Compact Size with User-Friendly Status LED Display
* Monitor normal source over and under voltages
* Built-in 7-Days With/Without Load Exerciser
* Made with UL 94V-0 plastic
* Designed for cell-phone industry or home ATS applications

Switch Specifications
* Rated Voltage 120/240 VAC
* Rated Current 125 A
* Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
* Transfer Double Throw Type
* Operating Current 2.0A @ 220V , 4.0A @ 110V
* Poles 2P
* Rated Short-Time Current 3.0 KA/1 Sec @ 250 VAC
* Short Circuit Peak Value 7.5 KA
* Utilization Category AC-33A*
* Life > 6000 Times/With Load
* Rated Operating Voltage:TCS2P125-11 : 90~140 VAC/TCS2P125-22 : 180~270 VAC
* Class PC
* Connection Front

Controller Specifications
* Over Volt Setting 270/135 VAC (Un-adjustable)
* Over Volt Reset 260/130 VAC
* Under Volt Setting 170/85 VAC (Un-adjustable)
* Under Volt Reset 180/90 VAC
* Normal ON Capacity 7A @ 250 VAC Max
* Standby ON Capacity 7A @ 250 VAC Max
* Remote Start Capacity 6A @ 277 VAC / 6A @ 28 VDC Max
* Power Consumption < 1W
* Panel Cut-Out 47.0 ± 0.5 mm x 162 ± 0.5 mm

Unit Price:USD   ,    
Size(pre-packed): 168x151.5x85/Millimeters (LengthxWidthxHeight), Weight:1.6/*
Delivery Lead Time: Prompt delivery after received payment
Minimum Order:N/A

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