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USB 2.0 AnyTV-ATSC Stick(LA-USTB01)
Here comes digital era! Do you want to have a smart gadget which
enables you to enjoy either digital or analog television] Simply plug in
the AnyTV-ATSC Stick, you can easily have high quality picture of
digital TV (ATSC) or analog programs on your PC or laptop!
The AnyTV-ATSC Stick has Time-Shifting function which enables you
to pause live digital (ATSC) TV and continue wherever you paused. It
also has scheduled-recording function that keeps you from missing
your favorite TV programs. With just one-touch recording, you can
record digital TV perfectly to MPEG-2 format!
With the AnyTV-ATSC Stick, TV is anywhere and anytime!
Design Solutions:
RF Receiver: Microtune MT2131;
Demodulator: Auvitek AU8502;
USB Interface: Syntek AU0828.
Key Features:
dvanced TV Application
Watch Free to air HDTV/World Wide Analogue TV on your PC,
instantly playback or fast- forward live programs at any time you like.
igital Personal Video Recording
With AnyTV-ATSC Stick you can record your digital/Analogue TV
programs into your hard disk, and play them back in full original
digital quality!
When you are not available, you can use time-shifting to pause the
live TV, never lose the bestplays you want to watch!
emote control
With the bundled remote control, you can control everything including
channel up and down, volume up and down, recording, playing and
upport HDTV Receiving
utomatically station searching
reate favorite stations for convenient listening
?Input Terminal: 75 Ohm
?ReceiReceiving Frequency:
TV: 48.25 ~ 863.25 MHz
USB Interface
?Universal Serial Bus 2.0 Standard
?B Type USB Female Connector
?Max No. Section filtering: 32PIDs
?Engine: Software
?Stream capture: PES & TS
A/V Format
?Video Format: MPEG-II Main Prof

Unit Price:USD   , FOB Shenzhen
Delivery Lead Time: 3-5 days
Supply Ability: 15000pcs/Month

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